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People are living longer today. Although survival rates are on the rise for many medical conditions, a debilitating illness and the costs associated with loss of income can lead to medical bankruptcy.

A study by the American Cancer Society found 20 percent of people with health insurance still couldn’t afford cancer therapy. In fact, the survey found that a year of treatment for blood cancers such as leukemia could reach more than $1 million, which would max out the limits of most health insurance policies.

Even with advanced medicine and a health insurance policy on your side, if you are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, there is a possibility that you would not be able to afford the treatments recommended and needed. Critical illness insurance can help.

What does it cover?

Critical illness insurance provides a payment if you experience a critical illness that is covered under the policy contract. You don’t have to be disabled to collect. Unlike disability insurance, you don’t have to be employed to receive the benefits.

A critical illness insurance payment is typically made in a lump sum and can be spent however you please — use the money for medical bills, a wheelchair, retrofitting your home, your mortgage or other bills, home health care or even a Hawaiian vacation. Medical conditions that qualify usually include serious injuries, diseases and major surgeries.

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